About Us

Messner Electric, Inc. began in 1981 when Tony Messner started the company, working from his garage. Today we are a thriving company owned and operated by Andrew Messner, Tony’s son. Andrew began wiring by his father’s side as a boy and later graduated from Wadena Technical College with a Construction Electrician degree. He began working full-time for Messner Electric in 1998. As a family business, it was a special transition for our company when Tony retired in March 2023, just 2 months before Andrew’s son, Cody, graduated with his AAS degree in Mechatronics from Alexandria Technical College and returned to work in the company. Having studied Programmable Logic Controllers, he is now our PLC programming specialist.

Our Story

Providing Electrical Services Since 1981

The backbone of our company is our employee team. Comprised of a solid balance of knowledgeable Journeymen and promising Apprentices, we have a wonderful talent pool and years of experience to approach each electrical jobsite. We truly appreciate our team of electricians!

Our goal is to provide efficient service and leave your job with minimal disturbance when we have finished. If you experience unfortunate electrical issues in the most inopportune moments, we respond to emergencies 24 hours a day. With years of experience in troubleshooting electrical problems, we are trained to identify and solve these malfunctions, thus ensuring your situation is safe and functioning properly.

Full Service, Quality
Electrical Services

Creating a new project is always exciting, and having existing products that do not work properly is frustrating! Our full-service electrical services include making service calls to your home or business when outlets fail, breakers trip, wires go faulty, or other electrical mishaps occur. Lightning strikes do crazy things. Underground wires can break. Time simply takes a toll on product functionality. We are here to troubleshoot your electrical struggles and get your wiring safely back in operation!


  • New home construction
  • remodels
  • Backup generators
  • Accent lighting
  • Underground power
  • Central Vac systems


  • New plant construction
  • Remodels
  • Backup generators
  • Transfer switches
  • Motors and machines
  • PLCs and VFDs


  • New barns
  • New grain systems
  • Grain dryers
  • Irrigators
  • PLCs and VFDs
  • Underground pwer

The City of Hancock has been fortunate to work with Messner Electric in many capacities.  Messner Electric was helping the city when the original Fire Hall/Community Center was constructed and we are lucky enough that 30-plus years later Messner Electric will be doing the electrical work again on our Fire Hall/Community Center update.  Messner Electric is always quick to respond if it may be a small or big request.  They continue to provide trustworthy tradesmanship allowing us to feel confident and comfortable working alongside of them. 

City of Hancock

Experienced, knowledgeable, and available when needed at critical times

Spring Valley Farms

Messner Electric did a terrific job taking care of the 6 different projects that I put together for the City of Starbuck. The work was taken care of quickly and the invoicing was what I needed to process the rebates. Thanks for helping Starbuck retrofit and let me know if you have any other Xcel customers with older light that I can help.

Michael Verhulst

Xcel Energy's One Stop Lighting Program

Captain Clean has always been satisfied with the prompt service and the quality service that Messner electric has provided on all the jobs they have been on for us and the customers have always been very happy!

Steve Hastings

Captain Clean