Cutting-Edge Equipment

A job done well is one that is performed using the right tool for the job. Utilizing our resources, we strive to bring you value with time-saving equipment that accomplishes your job goals with efficiency and competency.

  • Electric Scissor Lifts
  • All-terrain Scissor Lifts
  • All-terrain Articulated Lifts
  • Mini backhoe
  • Mini trencher
  • Underground Locator
  • Hydro-Vac
  • Flir Thermal Image Camera
  • Fluke Recorder

  • Fluke Megger Meter

  • Ideal Wire Tracer

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Did a gopher chew through your underground? Is your light fixture damaged yet too high to safely reach? Do you need to get power to your new garden shed? How can you know if your panel is operating too hot? There is no such thing as ‘one tool fits all’. That is why we have assembled a fleet of equipment to approach your needs with the right tool to be efficient and get the job done well.

Tools That Power Our Excellence

Cutting-Edge Equipment


  • Tidy trench digging
  • Gentle cross underground utilities
  • Effectively cut through hard-packed earth


  • Records and logs loads and voltages over time-span
  • Flags irregularities in power quality
  • Pinpoints trouble areas
  • Enables effective problem solving of power quality issues


  • Locate and flag underground utilities
  • Locate to repair broken underground wires


  • Electric and All-terrain scissors lifts
  • All-terrain snorkel lifts
  • Reach high places safely
  • Efficiently perform high-level tasks
  • Reach where a ladder cannot


  • Backhoe to bury power wires
  • Dig trenches in tight spaces
  • Small machine leaves minmal disturbance


  • Point and detect temperature
  • Locate hot wiring inside walls
  • Discover inefficiently insulated cold areas
  • Reads temperature to the degree


  • On-site motor troubleshooting
  • Determine if you have nicked or damaged wires
  • Can check a motor’s electrical current leakage
  • Identify internal motor winding damage without removing the motor


  • Speedily expose underground wires
  • Dig in tight spaces
  • Excavate trenches for new installations
  • Work through ground too hard to shovel by hand