Our team of electricians is a strong balance of Journeymen and Apprentice Electricians. Troubleshooting and diagnosing electrical issues is a challenge we enjoy and rise to. Large-scale construction projects are a highlight of our shop as we all pull together and bring the resulting finished project to full operation.


Residential Services

Home is where we all return to rest and recuperate after a long day. Home is where we make memories and create safe atmospheres for our families. Home is important. So when we work in your home, we know that you need us to do it well and do it carefully. If the project is starting with studs and framework, or if you are remodeling to create a better living space, we know you need electricity that functions dependably at the project’s completion so you can fully enjoy living in your home.


Wire Locating & Repair

Wire locating and repair services involve using specialized equipment to locate and identify buried or concealed electrical wires or cables. This can be critical for addressing issues such as electrical faults, damaged cables, or accidental dig-ups. Once located, the wires can be repaired or replaced as needed.


Underground Trenching and Vibratory Plowing

Underground trenching and vibratory plowing are methods used for laying underground utilities and cables without disturbing the surface. Trenching involves digging narrow, deep channels, while vibratory plowing uses a vibrating blade to create a path for cables or utilities. These techniques are ideal for minimizing disruption in landscaping, roadways, or other areas where surface disturbance is not desirable.


Commercial Services

Industrial and commercial plants are dependent on reliable energy to keep their operations running smoothly. At Messner Electric, we understand the need to be powered up to maintain your highest levels of efficiency. Getting the job done right so you do not have problematic shutdowns is a priority for us. We have skillsets and experience in the industrial sector ranging from manufacturing assembly lines, to ethanol plants, to food processing facilities. Keeping your operation in peak function and electrical performance is important to us!


Programmable Logic Controls (PLCs)

Programmable Logic Controls are computer-based systems used in industrial and manufacturing environments to automate processes and control machinery. PLCs are programmed to monitor sensors and make real-time decisions, improving efficiency, reducing human intervention, and ensuring precise control of equipment.


Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

Variable Frequency Drives are electronic devices that control the speed and power output of electric motors. They are commonly used in industrial and commercial applications to optimize energy efficiency and motor performance. VFDs allow for variable speed control, resulting in energy savings and smoother motor operation.


Agricultural Services

Our agricultural projects have included multi-thousand head dairy facilities, expansive hog barn operations, and various other livestock buildings. Feeding the animals is also an important process. With complex grain and feed handling systems, we have powered the equipment to run these structures using time-saving and easy-to-use Programmable Logix touch screens. As technology continues to evolve and bring new products to the market, we continue to bring modern technology where it is desired on the job site.


Grain Handling

Grain handling services involve the installation and maintenance of equipment and systems used in the handling, storage, and transportation of grains. This can include grain elevators, conveyor systems, grain bins, and more, ensuring the efficient and safe management of harvested grains.



In agriculture, irrigators refer to systems designed for efficient water distribution to fields, crops, or landscapes. These systems help optimize water usage, ensuring that plants receive the right amount of moisture to promote growth and crop health. Irrigators can include drip irrigation, sprinkler systems, and other methods.


The City of Hancock has been fortunate to work with Messner Electric in many capacities.  Messner Electric was helping the city when the original Fire Hall/Community Center was constructed and we are lucky enough that 30 plus years later Messner Electric will be doing the electrical work again on our Fire Hall/Community Center update.  Messner Electric is always quick to respond if it may be a small or big request.  They continue to provide trustworthy tradesmanship allowing us to feel confident and comfortable working alongside them. 

City of Hancock

Experienced, knowledgeable, and available when needed at critical times

Spring Valley Farms

Captain Clean

Captain Clean has always been satisfied with the prompt service and the quality service that Messner electric has provided on all the jobs they have been on for us and the customers have always been very happy!

Steve Hastings

Captain Clean

Messner Electric did a terrific job taking care of the 6 different projects that I put together for the City of Starbuck. The work was taken care of quickly and the invoicing was what I needed to process the rebates. Thanks for helping Starbuck retrofit and let me know if you have any other Xcel customers with older light that I can help.

Michael Verhulst

Xcel Energy's One Stop Lighting Program


Frequent Questions


Does my project need to be inspected?

All new wiring must be inspected. Repairs do not need to be submitted for inspection.


Is my old fuse panel safe?

It is best to have a licensed professional come to inspect the integrity of your electrical panel


Is it possible to install a PLC on my existing grain system?

Yes. Having a PLC installed on your grain system adds a lot of easily managed flexibility for your current and future use of the system.


Is it possible to switch from fluorescent to LED lamps in a trougher fixture?

Yes. We remove the ballast and rewire the existing fixture to then install a new style LED bulb.


Can I bury the overhead power line to my house?

Yes. Most overhead power lines can be buried.